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Zombie Apocalypse

By Jeanette Fieldsend

The world had become utter destruction. After the zombie apocalypse in 2087, nothing was the same. I had no idea how many people were alive, or how many people were dead. I had my best friend, Matt, still with me today. He was a mess. Beaten eyes, ragged clothes, dirty skin, but still had a great personality. For me, I couldn’t say I was any better. We were living in an old abandoned shack with loads of guns and ammunition. There was a lush forest around us, and luckily, there were many animals, as well. The first couple of days after the apocalypse, we were able to raid the food store for food and supplies. It was a mad hunt for food every day. People were fighting each other, others were getting bitten by zombies, just trying to get food. Now, we have to go hunting for our food, so every day we go out and try to kill at least a bird or a rabbit. Lots of the animals were extinct now because they had also become infected. Everything we ate, we had to check for infection, because if we ate something that was infected, we would become infected as well. If we saw any speck of infection, or green dots, we would throw the animal away immediately.

One week later, we went hunting and shot and killed a deer. Then, Matt and I went to go fill up our water bucket. Out of the blue, Matt came and splashed some water on me!

“Hey!” as I splashed him back, giggling.

But then, all of a sudden, we heard footsteps coming towards us.

Matt said, “Jane, we have to go. Now.”

“But what about the deer? And the water? We’ll be hungry and thirsty if we don’t get it!”

The footsteps we’re getting closer and closer. I dropped the water and it spilled all over my clothes. Matt pulled me and we sprinted through the woods back to the old shed. As we caught our breath, Matt checked outside to see if the person or people had followed us. We spotted a pair of red eyes, but we dismissed the fact that someone could have been watching us. We both agreed it was probably a coyote or something. That night, we went to bed fearful. What if there was someone out there lurking behind the trees? What if…

I woke up to the sound of loud banging outside our door. I shook Matt awake and told him to grab the rifle.

“Quickly!” I exclaimed. He grunted with the effort and held the rifle up at the door. The screaming was as loud as ever. It sounded like a group of people, or zombies. “Oh no no no no no no.” We had survived for so long without encountering any zombies, and they had finally come to infect us.

“Matt, be careful, please.” He opened the door and all of a sudden…

“JANE! HELP ME…” as his words were drowned by the zombies jumping all over him.

“Matt!” I said through my sobs.

He was gone forever. I realized I had to make a decision. I couldn’t save Matt, but I could save myself. The zombies had started to enter the shed, so I quickly grabbed my baseball bat and fought them off. There were so many of them! I grunted and kicked and screamed and finally, finally, they were off my back. I closed the shed door and locked it. I had no idea where Matt went. I leaned against the wall of the shed and started bawling my eyes out. Just yesterday, we were surviving, thriving even. We were having fun and running around without a care in the world. And now, I was about to die. I realized it wouldn’t be long before they got me too. Oh, how peaceful the day before was. I still heard the zombies moaning just outside the shed door. BANG BANG BANG. I knew the zombies were at the entrance. BOOM. A creepy, crawly, hand punched its way through the shed door. I scrambled to grab my gun and shoot the hand away. God, I hope it wasn’t Matt. All of a sudden, the zombies barged through the door, and before I knew they were all over me. I tried to shoot them away, but there were just too many. “AHHHHH”, one of the zombies bit me! “NRGHHH, GARHH, GRAHH!”

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