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What to do with all that extra toilet paper

By Divya Sharma

Remember a few months ago when you hoarded all that toilet paper? If you have too much left over and Costco is giving you a hard time when you try and return 1.7 tons of toilet paper, (can you believe how ridiculous they are?) here are a few ideas to put your most valued resource to good use.

1. Build a fort.

(Pillow forts are overrated anyways.)

2. Create a work of abstract art and put it on display

Who needs an art museum when you’ve got this!

3. Make it “fashion”

(They forgot the toilet paper veil.)

4. Make a time capsule

Just bury a few rolls outside so that someone from thousands of years can find this one of a kind artifact. It may even end up in a museum one day.

5. Use it

And if these ideas don’t “inspire” you, there is always the option of actually using it for its intended purpose.

NOTE: Please do not try #2, and don’t try #1, 3, or 4 if your parents aren’t okay with you trashing the house.



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