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Volkswagon I.D.R

The Volkswagen IDR is the first and only (as of 2018) all-electric hill climb car and it smashed the previous record at Pikes Peak with its time of 7:57.148. The previous record was held by a gas powered Autosport Porsche Turbo Cup with a time of 9:23.721. What makes this car so much different from the previous record holder is that it’s electric; but a more descriptive answer would be that this car having it’s electric powertrain makes it the fastest accelerating car to ever attempt Pikes Peak. Unlike a gas powered car which needs to gain revs to be on the power, the electric engine doesn’t need to do that because electricity is instant and doesn’t need time to rev a second and the wang (wang is car slang for massive wing) in the back gives it an insane amount of downforce. Downforce is the wind on top of the car that pushes it down and the wing helps utilize the wind that’s flying on top of the car which keeps it on the ground, but a trade off by having a big wing is losing top speed. but top speed loss doesn’t matter in the long run. This car is absolutely astonishing, and I wouldn’t be surprised if either it stays at number one for the next 5+ years or if Volkswagen makes another version that breaks its own record.

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