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The Rings of Power

A Poem by Sebastian Velasco Diaz

This is a story you oughta hear

About the doom and setbacks of manpower

So, gather round and you shall hear

The tale of the Great Rings of Power

They were forged in a volcano by Elven smiths

Their healing powers seemed almost like a myth

And everything just seemed to fit

The Elves kept three of them

Planned to use them to heal the scars of mayhem

Seven were given to the Dwarves of the Mountain Halls

The great craftsmen who forged metal and peeped holes

And nine Rings were given to the Kings of Men

Bound to corruption, they weren’t so gruesome back then

The owners of the Rings were bound to their strength

And achieved power and might beyond length

But they were inherently driven to their doom

For a new ring was crafted in a wasteland of doom

Sauron was the Dark Lord, the Necromancer, the Lord of Darkness

Surrounded by ash and dust and blackness

A molten armor and a twisted heart

Had them on his sights like the dartboard and the dart

One by one they fell to his dominion

He bound them to the darkness regardless of their opinion

Heroes would come and heroes would fall

Under the power of the one to rule them all

Every hero who stepped through the mountain, he brought them down

Held tight to them like a jewel on his crown

The Last Alliance a final hope provided

In Mount Doom the fate of the world was to be decided

Royal blood was spilt that night

The two sides provided a good fight

Isildur the Great made use of his sword

But at the time given he didn’t keep his word

The Ring was lost for the centuries to come

But he still saw himself attached to his mom

And just when the Ring erased all his traces

He was found by the most unusual of the faces

What does the future say? What does the future hold?

The Ring can only be destroyed by a heart so bold

Willing to undertake the journey that’s dire

The journey towards the evil wasteland of fire

Special thanks to J.R.R. Tolkien for creating a great universe, and to Peter Jackson for bringing it onto the big screen.

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