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The Need for Speed

By Electra Blake

Since the early 1900’s, we have always been fascinated with cars and what makes some models more expensive and desirable than others. Is it power, prestige or is it more? In an exclusive interview with ProducerMichael - a famous entrepreneur, music mogul, super car collector, and YouTuber - we get to find out what makes a car more than “just a car”.

EB “So tell us about your history with cars.”

PM “My family was in the automotive business when I was growing up. Being around luxury and exotic cars, made me fall in love with them”.

EB “What do you mean by ‘fall in love’”?

PM “Well, being lucky enough to ride in some of the world’s most prestigious and rare cars, gave me an appreciation for the special qualities each one possessed; and I was able to learn why some are more expensive, and special than others”.

EB “Wow, that was amazing! Now, I can understand why you love, and know so much about cars. But I want to know what makes some more expensive than others”?

PM “So I am going to give you two examples: we’ll start with Rolls-Royce, probably the world’s most prestigious car. The Rolls-Royce is precision hand-built by master craftsmen in England using the finest quality materials in every detail of the car. Every time I drive my Rolls-Royce…”

EB “You have a Rolls-Royce”?

PM “I do. Every time I drive it, I am surrounded in pure opulence, luxury, and unparalleled comfort”.

EB “Do you think that a Rolls-Royce is worth the money? How does it drive”?

PM “Good question. I think it is worth every penny, and the best way to describe the way it drives is to imagine sitting in the comfort of your living room to get from point A to point B”.

EB “Wait – didn’t you say that you had a second example”?

PM “Absolutely – I collect Italian supercars, mostly Ferraris…”

EB “You have a FERRARI”!?!

PM “Actually no, I Have numerous Ferraris…”


PM “If you would like to see them, then you can go to my YouTube channel: ProducerMichael, and experience them and more”.

EB “This might be a hard question considering that you are a car collector: what is your favorite car”?

PM “It would definitely be a Ferrari, but it would be tough to choose which one. Having said that, I just bought another one, which I believe will become my favorite”.

EB “Which one is it and what’s so special about it”?

PM “It’s called and F12 N-Largo and there are only 10 of them in the world, it has nearly 800 horsepower and a very unique racing body”.

EB “What do you mean by ‘racing body’, and is it only for the race track”?

PM “Since it has so much power, and a top speed of 217 mph it requires additional cooling, which is achieved by widening the body, having extra air vents, and down force spoilers; together with massive wheels, and a ceramic braking system. To answer the second part of your question, one of the amazing things about a Ferrari is that you can drive it aggressively on a racetrack, or very comfortably around town. One more thing, there is no sound in the world, in my opinion, that is better than the exhaust note of a thoroughbred Italian stallion”.

EB “Thank you very much for the interview”.

PM “It’s my pleasure. Let’s all be ‘In it to Win it’”.

EB “What does that mean”?

PM “That is my motto, and I tell everybody they should all be ‘In it to Win it’ – which basically means in all aspects of life, do the best you possibly can and you will achieve results which you can consider a WIN since you did your best”.

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