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The Escape: Chapter 2

By Kendra Berrier

Luna nibbled on her bowl of fruit that Friedrich gave her. He ate quietly nearby, still worried about Luna’s safety. The night was rather peaceful, and Luna seemed to adjust to her room perfectly. Although, he did notice she had changed her appearance it made him both worried and curious. Why did she change her look? How did she change her look?

Friedrich had more important things to worry about though; he only had two days left to hide her safely. His thinking was interrupted by a loud coo from Luna who was looking at him from the other side of the table. She looked at him worriedly. Friedrich sighed softly.

”I am fine, Ms. Luna.” He said in a softened voice, still wanting her trust.

“It seems like you already understand her. General Diaspora must be proud of her cousin,” Buddy said in a sarcastic way as he entered the room.

He grabbed his food before sitting down beside Luna. She glares at Buddy, sliding out of the chair, leaving the room. Friedrich quickly followed her out, ignoring Buddy’s existence. He gently grabbed her shoulder to stop her.

“Ms. Luna, I think I know where you could stay…” Friedrich leaned closer to her, “away from him.”

Luna’s ears perked up looking up at him and Friedrich smiled softly.

“You just have to trust me, okay?”

She nodded once agreeing that she trusted him.


Friedrich led Luna into the town that was outside the thick woods that surrounded the base. Taking a path where the patrol would not see them, Luna remained quiet as they entered the almost empty town. The sun was peaking through the clouds as the town looked completely abandoned, like they left in a rush.

“We will pick up transportation here. This type of transportation cannot be tracked… Hopefully…” Friedrich said a little worried the technology the military had was advanced enough to track almost every type transportation.

Luna cooed to him in a reassuring way.

“You know,” he smiled down to her, “I’m beginning to understand you more.”

Luna cooed happily to him, smiling softly at him. He looked forward once more.

“Have you ever ridden a mare before?”


After saddling a black stallion and a white mare, Friedrich came over to Luna. He offered his hand gently.

“I will help you get safely away. You just have to trust me.”

Luna looked at his hands and grasped it gently. She cooed softly to him as he smiled at the trust he had gained. Friedrich led her over to the white mare.

“Ms. Luna. This is the mare you will ride; its name is Mystic. She will follow my steed, Shade.”

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