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SPJ Talks About Superhero Movies

By Jash Jhajj

Quick name, some superheroes? Batman, Superman, Spiderman, Iron Man, Thanos. Maybe not that last one. But really, if you look back in the past, then superheroes weren’t as famous as they are now. So, why are superheroes more popular? That is the question we are asking today. I really didn’t have much of a good introduction. Meh, it isn’t like anyone is going to care. So, let’s get to “SPJ’s Most Wanted.”

I think everyone has a good idea of what a superhero is. It is a person with superpowers who uses them for good. Okay, the main term is described now. So, why weren’t they as popular before? The main reason is because of the media. Many boys only read about superheroes instead of seeing them. That is why they weren’t popular. You can’t expect everyone to like reading pictures with words. That is like asking me to solve Math. I will do it, but I won’t like it. The only way to make stuff accessible today is either on social media or some video or show that anyone can access. This is what makes many superheroes available.

But the question isn’t how they became famous. No, no, no. It is my opinion on how superhero movies are portrayed today because the highest-grossing film of all time is Avengers: Endgame, which is saying a lot about superhero movies. I am going to shorten the term superhero into SH to make it easier to type cause my hands get tired and because I am lazy. Anyway, SH movies have changed, so let us dig deeper.

Let’s look at DC because Brent Haney loves them 😉. Anyway, DC has had an exciting history. It was prevalent because they were the first SH to become famous so seeing a movie about them would be fascinating but they didn’t live up to the hype. Many people did like them, but according to me, they didn’t age well. Then came the Batman trilogy. This shocked people and made people love Batman again. It even won many Oscars. Then came the DCEU. This was an utter disappointment to me. I had such high expectations from it. The Only good movie was Wonder Women. I thought that the DCEU was never going to be like Marvel.

Then the Shazam trailer came out and I was so excited for this movie. I watched it and was so happy. I finally felt that the DCEU was going to succeed in making movies and SH popular. Then came Joker. Oh my god! I was in love with this trailer. But I couldn’t watch because of it being rated R. But it has won many awards and is nominated for the Oscars, showing how SH movies can be recognized as great influence movies.

Marvellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. I live on Marvel. I have loved Spiderman ever since I was 3. I have many action toys, seen all the movies, and know everything about him. But you know who I didn’t know about or care about? Iron Man. Yes, the guy who forced me to love these movies. No one cared about the Avengers and Marvel. If you look at the past, the Avenger’s show was awful, and no one liked them cause they were boring. But then Iron Man came and shook the whole world. Ever since then, Marvel has been noted as one of the most fun, entertaining, and thriving SH movie industries. Everyone wants to know what is going to happen next. That is why the Avengers: Endgame became popular. These movies are successful because people like my mom can even enjoy them. My dad doesn’t know anything about Marvel. Yet, he still enjoys them with me.

To conclude, I believe that as time goes by, SH movies will stop for a little while. Now is the time to take a break from blockbuster after blockbuster for Marvel, and it is time for DC to make movies like their life depends on it. I feel like it is time that we pay attention to world crises and show them in movies to make the world a better place. Then we bring these movies back and make them more powerful and entertaining. But that is what I think. And as they say in my house, don’t forget to be Punjabi!

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