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SPJ Talks About J.K Rowling

By Jash Jhajj

Harry Potter. A name that has been famous for many years. These books take you away from the current problems and take you to Hogwarts where you can cast every spell and take down Voldemort and his Death Eaters. The movies, the books, and the Universal Studios rides are all recommendable, but I am not talking about how great they are. Instead, we are looking at what is now a controversial topic, J.K. Rowling. Today, we are talking about J.K. Rowling and how everything she tweets is controversial.

Joanne Kathleen Rowling, aka J.K. Rowling, wrote the Harry Potter books. That is all the background info you need for this article. J. K Rowling has been a controversial topic for many years who has posted the weirdest stuff on Twitter. The first thing that made people mad was when she said that Dumbledore was gay and loved Grindelwald. Now, nowhere in the books does it say that he is gay. When reading the books, I always thought that Dumbledore had a crush on McGonagall, but when this info came to me on the Internet, I went crazy. I was in shock. You can’t just make something up entirely. Okay, so she made this a new part of the story. I am fine with that. It isn’t like it’s going to get worse, right?

Much time had passed by since that tweet and people had moved on with their lives. She released a new book, which was made into a play, called the Cursed Child. I was excited that there is a cool sequel to my favorite franchise. Then she announced that Hermione was a black person. No offense, but Hermione isn’t black. She says that she never said that Hermione was white or black, but, if you look at official pictures from both the movies and the books, you see a white girl doing magic. So, that didn’t really work out. She did this to appease the certain fans which didn’t please me. I am upset that she did that. Like I am fine if you cast a black person, but I just have a problem with her lying to me about her past.

After the Hermione incident, she just tweeted the weirdest things. Like for example, a guy had asked if there are any Jewish kids in the Potterverse. She said that there is, and his name is, wait for it and drum roll please, Anthony Goldstein. That is the most stereotypical name I have heard. Why wasn’t Anthony Goldstein an important character? Because he doesn’t exist, and she made him up. Another weird tweet was about going to the bathroom. She says that toilets weren’t used by wizards. Instead, they would make their “stuff” disappear. That is just weird and gross. Why would you make that up? The Twitter stuff is still going on. However, there is one thing that bothered many fans.

The one thing that bothered many fans were the Fantastic Beast series. Now many people know that the screenplay is written by J.K. Rowling and the first movie is actually and enjoyable and watchable. It genuinely makes you fall in love again with the Wizarding World again. The second movie, on the other hand, is bad and unnecessary. The first movie ended perfectly. Grindelwald is captured, Jacob loses his memory, and Newt gets his Pokémon and goes back to Britain. Now, why do we need another movie talking about the same stuff? I won’t go much into detail about the movie, but it is bad and makes no sense.

Now, we have discussed her controversial topics. Then why does she do all this stuff? I really don’t have a clue. Maybe it is because she is embarrassed of all the stuff that is written in the books. She is embarrassed that she wrote about three straight white Christian kids who have magical powers. She does this stuff to cover up her mistakes and make it look like the books were already diversified, when they weren’t. But what she doesn’t realize is that all of this contradicts her books. She didn’t plan out that Nagini was an actual woman. She made her a regular snake that has the soul of Voldemort, but maybe she just chose to do this for publicity. I don’t know: it is just confusing and disappointing. But anyway, I hope you liked this article and as they say in my house, don’t forget to be Punjabi!

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