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Speak Up

By Regina Kodom

Speak up, they all say

You shouldn’t be shy

Speak up, so your voice can be heard

Why can’t you try?

Speak up, we all want to hear

But I believe you will laugh, that is my fear

Speak up, we won’t laugh

So I spoke, and what did you do?

You jeered and you sneered

Speak up, they now say

I just get up and walk away

Speak up, we want to hear

And I say:

You say “Speak up, we won’t laugh,

So I spoke, and you jeered and sneered”

What do you expect?

For me to speak

So my eyes will leak?

No, I shall not take this risk,

For you shall pull me adrift.

It is only logical

If I step away from this mogical.

For my sorrow

Made your morrow.

But today, when I speak,

You are so quiet that I can hear a leak.

And when I finish

You are all diminished.

You all say:

“Amazing array of appellation!”

Speak up, they say

What shall we listen to today?

For now when I speak,

I am no longer meek.

For when they say:

Speak up, I am filled with joy

No longer annoyed

I can embrace

My heavenly state.

I can be myself once more.

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