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Should Racing Go Green?

Do you like Car Racing? Well, I know for sure I do! What do you think about the cars turning into electric ones? I know for sure I would not like them because it would ruin the whole sport. Cars were made to be gas guzzlers and you can’t just change the whole entire sport in a year. Auto racing has been a sport for many years. Racing has been part of so many people’s hearts including mine. I feel like it isn’t right or fair that people are thinking of making everything electric. It would make the sport so boring. You won’t have that same excited feeling that sounds like bee’s buzzing around the track. This is my opinion and I think you should take it into consideration.

Auto racing is an amazing sport that many people enjoy from all over the world. This can be foreseen for many years to come. But, with new technology and rising climate change problems for the earth, many people have thought about changing the car sport into an electric sport. In my opinion, this would mess up the whole entire sport and business. Honestly, if there were electric racing cars for all the cars that race, I would probably get bored of racing and saying this is tough. Racing is really all about who can go faster and the pure sound of those engines! It would be a disgrace to see racing go to scraps because of electric cars. I feel like what we, humans, have done a lot of damage to this earth. And what we are doing to help fix it isn’t working. But I don’t feel like it would be right to change a whole entire legacy of racing that started many years ago.

In the case of the auto racing sport Formula 1, they have gone pretty much as economical as it gets. The engines are courtesy of motorsport tech, a “1.6-litre V6 Internal Combustion Engine (ICE)”. Even though this is only a 1.6 litre V6, it still produces an amazing amount of power. You may be thinking “wow, so now that it can put out a lot of power, it must be super bad for the earth”. You’ve thought wrong! According to motorsport. tech, “so far, so conventional, but these ICE units are now incredibly advanced, representing a pinnacle of what’s known about long-established motor technology.” For example, the fuel-air mixture inside the cylinders is more homogenous than it has ever been – meaning the mixture of fuel and air is more ‘complete’, allowing the burn inside each cylinder to be cleaner, more efficient, and produces more power for a given amount of fuel.” Even though these engines can put out so much horsepower, they are still extremely clean and are probably cleaner than your normal everyday car engine. These engines are so high tech that car companies cannot find a way to instill them into normal cars because of how high tech and expensive it is.

I interviewed my friend who also loves racing and cars and he agreed with my point of view. What he said was actually very accurate. He talked about how racing should be left alone as gas cars, because there is already a whole entire division for electric racing cars. It’s called Formula E. It’s a one-seater, open wheel, electric alternative to Formula 1. But there is an issue with this. The sport really hasn’t gotten much attention. The reason why is because the racing just isn’t fun to watch at all. It’s the most non entertaining type of racing you could watch. Not much happens and there is no way it’s going to compare to other racing-and it definitely won't compare to Formula 1. Another reason it is not as entertaining to watch is because the cars just aren’t fast, at all. They are slow in top speed and there is no famous pitstop. In Formula 1, when the drivers come into the pits to change their tires, the pit crew changes the tires in less than three seconds. In Formula E the cars come into the pits for the driver to go into an entirely different car. There is just no spark that I see in Formula E that can divert me away from watching Formula 1 and instead watch Formula E.

Racing is iconic for many people including myself. I would truly hate to see the sport go to waste by people changing it to electric. The sport would be absolutely ruined. After all the years that motorsport has been growing and changing, becoming faster and faster, it just wouldn’t be right minded getting rid of the sport this way. Many people would hate to see the sport change into a totally and extremely boring sport. As you can tell, many people don’t even like Formula E because of how boring it is. So why would someone want to change all motorsport to convert to electricity. To be frank, think about it, the word motor makes up motorsport.

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