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Music in the Wind

A poem by Sebastian Diaz

Too expensive to earn and difficult to learn

But an undying passion overshadows every minor concern

Hanging from the shelf, tired of collecting dust

Picking you up and keeping you away from rust

A brand-new story, a work of art

A lifetime lesson, a beating heart

I blister my fingers running them ‘cross the strings

To immerse myself in the wisdom you can bring

An artform, a dream, a passion that unwinds

The beating of a heart and music in the wind

A candle burning to the very end

The mourning for lost love, the comfort of a friend

The strings are easy to bend

Just as a broken bond is easy to mend

An unwinding passion, a musical epiphany

A bending for the smiles and a crescendo for the memories

With practice and patience, perfection is earned

With every note and melody, new lessons are learned

When your mind’s troubled, music holds the key

To be just as perfect, as perfect you can be

An artform, a dream, a passion that unwinds

The beating of a heart and music in the wind

When people are in debate, you cast the final vote

When people are in despair, you carry hope with every note

When people are sad, you have the remedy

When people are lonely, you keep them company

What others suffer, you can tell

Share in their sorrows to make them well

And help them stand up if they fell

An artform, a dream, a passion that unwinds

The beating of a heart and music in the wind

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