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Mount Olympus

By Kaela Wong

She pulled the knife from her chest and smiled. “Was that supposed to hurt?” As blood trickled from her chest, I watched the wound heal almost instantly. “Uh… yeah it was. What are you?” I said cautiously.

“Oh nothing that special, just immortal and a goddess,” Hecate said almost bored as she threw the knife through fifteen people, all of which were the last men of the journey.

“Let’s go! I’ll show you.”

“What? Where are you…” Before I could finish, she leapt out of the enormous cave without any attachment of any sort to the side of the mountain. As I watched her plummet, I thought for sure she wouldn't be able to survive the fall. So, I started the descent down to ground level; ironically we literally ran into each other, while I almost fell down to my death. Luckily, she grabbed me by the shirt just as I went airborne.

Somehow, she lifted me and set me on the trail with almost no effort, which is a feat in itself considering I’m a man of two hundred pounds and taller than most men I know. This is what happened before I almost died…

We had heard a horrid, hair rising scream from the cave on Mount Olympus all the way from Delphi, two full moons ago. Then, unnatural silence until the boy (Alexios Aldino) came back from the dead. Naturally, priests were summoned to deal with the undead boy, who died from what appeared to be an Ohia snake bite. Rumor spread quickly that is was Hecate, only she would be able to make someone undead. Obviously we had to do something about it. However, the screaming was unbearable now causing people to go mad and kill themselves. Ten people had died before there (as before) was an unnatural silence.

Once the silence started we took our chances, and we climbed the mountain with about two thousand men. Not many of us had horses, so we all walked there. The men who did have horses hitched them to carts to carry the supplies. As for the general supplies we all carried water, food, weapons, and clothes. All of which had some sort of way to know whose supply bag belonged to whom. Some had tokens from their kids, wives, or a cloth tied to the bag. Once we reached the bottom of the mountain, there were undead families of the majority of the men who were there. Most of them had some sort of undead family member except me, I came to the city only a few years ago in search of my family. I was an orphan, oblivious to the fact until I turned sixteen. Since then, I haven’t seen my adoption parents since I left Ardea, Rome.

Most of the men went to their family with nostalgic melancholy… to their deaths. As we watched friends being ripped apart, we started to fight the undead. Leaving the horses near the bottom of the mountain, we made our way up the lush mountain stained with the blood of our friends, neighbors, and colleagues with only two hundred men. As we made our way up the mountain, we lost another twenty men in total. Five due to dehydration, two to scorpion stings, three to Ohia snake bites, and ten to earthquakes strong enough to unearth sizable rocks. As we neared the cave, about half of the men went back in fear, some of which jumped off of the mountain.

It was twilight by the time we reached the mouth of the cave, so we decided to sleep there since it was a pleasantly warm night. By the time everyone aroused and rubbed the sleep from their eyes, only a hundred of us remained. The others who weren’t as lucky, had their throats slit while they slept, were cursed to sleep forever, or turned to stone. This implied to Hecate that knew we mere mortals, but also Medusa, meaning that we men stood almost no chance.

Little did we know, Zeus had sent one of his own children there to help us mortals (Perseus). Therefore while we didn't know we had a demigod in our midst, we began to quarrel as to what we were going to do. Go back to the city and move, but have to pass the remains of friends? Tell everyone that we just have to suffer through the horrendous screaming? Or continue on, like initially planned?

After a while, we went into the large, damp, and sharp stoned cave which was a temple sized cavern decorated with gold, jewels, and other finery that all of the men there would not be able to afford in ten lifetimes. As we started to look around, I yelled out “ No matter what, don’t touch any of this finery or we’ll be killed.”

A minute later I heard rattling, almost like a baby rattle. Everyone knew what that meant. We all grabbed the weapons we’d all brought, and shut our eyes. I didn't want to get ambushed, so I kept opening my eyes every 30 seconds. After the fourth or fifth time I had done that with nothing happening, I fully opened my eyes to see Medusa standing less than an arm's reach from me. I yelled, after getting over my initial shock, I realized she was stunningly beautiful. I knew that she had become evil and cruel because of her exilement.

“What? Darrow why did you…” before I could stop my friend (Sevro Aldino), he was turned to stone. As Medusa let out the horrifying scream, all of the men knew, most of whom opened their eyes to see what the source of the scream was. That’s when Perseus took his chance, and decapitated her. But it was too late; the damage was done because all the men who opened their eyes were turned to stone. Then, just as the rest of the men opened their eyes, they saw what Perseus had done,and began to get hope in their hearts, but a dagger went through his heart. Killing him instantly.

I watched as a lavender dress whirled around the corner of the temple disguised as a cave. Having a knife in hand, I pursued. Until I reached a room filled with treasures, beyond even the greediest man’s dreams. Once the remaining thirty men arrived to the offering room, I ordered them to spread out. Once one of the men found her, he discreetly alerted the fourteen men that were closed to him. Closing in on her, she felt trapped and killed them all, and fled.

I chased her into a room with only one exit, an opening to the outside that was barely big enough for a person to fit through. Realizing her mistake she tried to leave but noticed that I was blocking her path.

“I know who you are. You wouldn’t kill me, even if you tried!”

“How do you know who I am? Are you sure about that? Your friend Medusa just killed my best friend while I watched helplessly. You were the cause of more than nineteen hundred deaths!”

“Ok then, do it. Throw the knife!”

Before I knew it, my knife had penetrated her chest. She gasped in surprise, smiled and pulled the knife out of her chest. “Was that supposed to hurt?”

Then made it go through fifteen of the last men that came on the journey with me. This is where the story started, my story. The story of a demigod.

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