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Female Fighters Matter Too!

by Brent Haney

What Is the Female Fighters Matter 2 (FFM2) Movement About?

The Female Fighters Matter 2 movement is a popular topic in the sport karate world today. Its organizations purpose is to bring about equal pay and equal recognition to the women fighters.

A lot of people have been wondering “why don’t the women fighters don’t get paid as equally as the men do.” A huge load of karate circuits WKC (World Karate Championships) NASKA (North America Sport Karate Association) and WAKO (World Association Of Kickboxing) have been making the extra effort in trying to provide equal pay to both genders.

What Is The Female Fighters Matter 2 Movement (FFM2) Case On The Subject?

Some Tournament Organizers have said that “There are not a whole lot of women in the division which makes tournament promoters reluctant to pay us more money for equal pay among the two divisions”

Female Fighters Matter 2 have made a response stating that “just because there aren’t as much women as there are men in the division. You should still pay as much because there is only going to be ONE winner you should rely on QUALITY over QUANTITY.” Tournament organizer from WAKO made this response “Unfortunately, Women don’t bring in as much money as the men. You wouldn’t pay a receptionist as much as the salesman because the receptionist does not bring in the same amount of money as the salesman.” FFM2 have made the response saying “Just because the women did not make as much money as the man did. You should still pay the equal price due to the fact women are paying just as much as the men in travel, tournament fees, the training, and the hotel.”

How Are The Female Fighters Matter 2 Movement Changing The Sport Karate World?

The Female Fighters Matter 2 movement have been changing the world in terms of bringing MORE WOMEN in tournament events. They are doing what tournament organizers have told them to do. BRING MORE COMPETITORS! And it is not only women it is men to. Mr Jadi Tention (Coach for Team Next Level) has been doing seminars for current competitors to shine in their divisions. Female Fighters Matter 2 movement have been promoting WOMEN ONLY tournament to help women who are just starting in karate to help get the nerves out and to experience new things.

This is What the Female Fighters Matter 2 movement about, how they are changing the sport karate world, and how they are just making a difference!

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