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COVId-19 in New Jersey

Hello Iglobers! I’m Jibreel, and I live in one of the states most impacted by Covid-19, New Jersey. According to, there are 88,806 cases and 4,377 deaths statewide and 2,255 cases and 81 deaths as of April 20, 2020 in the county I live in, Camden County. I feel like President Trump isn’t being a good leader; for example, the president tweeted “LIBERATE MINNESOTA!”, “LIBERATE MICHIGAN!”, “LIBERATE VIRGINIA!”. Those tweets caused people to protest without practicing social distancing or wearing masks and some people brought firearms for some BIZZARE reason. I feel like the people who are protesting are at a major risk of contracting Covid-19 and making the country go back to where it was when it comes to beating this virus. It also confused me because the people are supposed to be home and only coming outdoors, if it is an essential trip to the grocery store.

According to, Gov. Phil Murphy says “New Jersey’s COVID-19 outbreak is stabilizing, with the number of patients leaving hospitals outpacing those being admitted.” I think sending Covid-19 patients' home isn’t smart at all, even if they have mild symptoms, because those symptoms could worsen while the patient is home. In my opinion, if hospitals are filled with critical Covid patients, Healthcare workers should use near-by hotels as overflow centers for Covid patients with mild symptoms. I think that would be beneficial because if the patient’s symptoms worsen, they could be quickly transported to the hospital to get the care they need.

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