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Connecting Students

By Divya Sharma

Nearly all of us are stuck at home right now, hopelessly daydreaming about the next time we get to leave the house to go to the grocery store. Many of our activities are canceled, or worse, online (since now us online school students have to go through the pain of watching others struggle, I mean “adapt” to doing things online.) These are very dark times, so to help counteract that I have created an Instagram account (@icad.students) for the students of this school to connect and spread some joy. On this account l will post memes and will post suggestions of memes that students DM me. There will also be a daily question on the Instagram story about anything from current events or questions to get to know our peers, that is available for anyone to respond to. Most importantly, anyone who follows @icad.students will get a follow back. I look forward to hearing from you guys!

(All of my memes will be school appropriate, and I will try to keep posting a million pictures of my very cute dog to a minimum)

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