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Chapter 4: Blooming

By Kendra B

Luna was laying on the nearby sofa, her horns and tail had returned after a few days, seeming to be only a temporary shift when they disappeared. She had modified her clothes before they reappeared. Luna was watching Friedrich work on a device at the table. Her tail waving in the air as she laid on the sofa. To Luna, he looked frustrated, she cooed softly to him. He glanced back at her before going back to his work.

I am fine, Ms. Luna. No need for worry,” he said calmly.

Luna cooed again, a bit louder, making her point clear as she looked at him. Friedrich glanced back at her and sighed.

“Would you like some more fruit to eat?” he asked softly, lifting his head to look at her directly.

Luna looked annoyed as he said this. She had learned he would offer food if he was busy with something. Friedrich came over to her after she gave a look of annoyance.

“Would you… hmm… like to go outside? We would need to remain close to the lodge though.”

Luna was quickly pleased with that idea, cooing happily as she stood up. Friedrich smiled at her softly before offering his hand.

“Shall we?”

Luna slowly took his hand, looking up at him happily. Friedrich began to lead her outside; the forest surrounding them keeping them hidden from the outside world. She took in a deep breath of fresh air liking the outside much more than the cramped lodge. Luna let go of his hand as her tail waved back and forth softly. The sun shining as white fluffy clouds seemed to lace the sky. Friedrich scanned the trees around them always on the lookout for enemies. Luna looked back to him and cooed.

He quickly looked to her and straightened up speaking calmly, “I am fine, Ms. Luna.”

Luna smiled a bit before pointing to the ground with her tail, showing him a patch of almost dead flowers. Friedrich looked to them, smiling softly.

“They were very pretty…” he said, very saddened as he looked at them, but kept his composer not showing any hint of sadness, “My wife used to plant them.”

Luna then crouched down to the flowers, placing her hand on the dirt around them. She closed her eyes before they began to come back to life creating beautiful flowers once more. Friedrich was in awe as he watched this process, smiling.

“That is amazing Ms. Luna…” he said almost letting his hard composure slip.

Luna cooed to him before standing, smiling kindly and proud that she had made him happy.

“They are even more colorful and beautiful…” Friedrich said bending down and lightly touching the petals.

Luna’s tail flowed back and forth as her ears twitched a bit, cooing softly once more. Friedrich stood smiling softly, getting ready to say something before a loud rustle was heard. He quickly got in front of her, protecting her with his life.

“Luna, stay still…” Friedrich said quietly, noticing the red dots pointed at him…

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