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Chapter 3

Meet Ms. Rebexi

“I told you… Ms. Rebexi isn’t available,” Said an armored door guard. Not fazed at General Diaspora looks nor her threats.

“I have contacted her before I arrived. She is here and I must speak to her,” The General said in a rather angry tone.

General Diaspora pulled out her communicator device before beginning contact with Ms. Rebexi. Seconds later, she was let in after permission from Rebexi was given. Rebexi was a woman with long black hair and wore golden jewels with white and black clothing. General Diaspora watched the door behind her close before the two were left alone.

“You know, you could make it easier for me to visit you every now and then,” The General said as she sat down in a chair in front of the desk.

Rebexi had her back faced to the General as she looked out the windows to the busy city below. It was raining hard as the clouds were growing darker as signs of a thunderstorm was coming. She sighed before looking to General Diaspora, coming to take a seat at her desk.

“It’s hard for me to trust who comes through that door,” Rebexi said in a direct tone. General Diaspora rolled her eyes before taking out a device from her pocket.

“Anyway, I came to you for answers,” the General said as she showed an image of Luna to Rebexi, “Since you are often curious about otherworldly creatures, I was hoping you knew about this one.”

Rebexi looked at the picture closely. “I haven’t studied nor seen anything like this before…”

The General sighed in disappointment before standing up. “You are no help.”

Rebexi then spoke after the General stood. “Where did you find this… ‘Otherworldly creature’ ?”

“I did not find it…. Friedrich did…” The General said in a hesitant tone.

Rebexi looked away from her thinking before simply nodding. “Ah… Your beloved cousin… What was his favorite thing to do again?”

“Hunting, unfortunately.”

Rebexi smiled a bit. “Well, it was nice to see you once more.”

“It was indeed… But-”

“You are dismissed,” Rebexi said, preventing any further conversation.

The General gave her a glare before leaving. Rebexi sighed once she had finally left, pushing a button on a device attached to her ear. “If Friedrich is smart, which he is, he would have taken her somewhere safe by now. Search any area around the Base 59 where a good hunting lodge would be found.”

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