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Chapter 1: The Adventures Beginning

“You still have an arm injury, Lieutenant Friedrich. I can’t believe General Diaspora let you even help patrol,” said Buddy, the last part mostly to himself.

Friedrich only sighed in response, holding his injured arm close. Buddy walked only slightly in front of him. Friedrich’s soft blue eyes looked only ahead of them as his blonde short hair moved in the soft breeze that came with the warm, sunny day.

“You should be resting,” Buddy added after a bit of silence between him and the Lieutenant.

He knew Friedrich was quiet but hoping to get at least a word out of him. They had known each other since training. Buddy waited in anticipation, only to stop minutes after at the sound of rustling in the bushes. Both slowly went towards the bush even as the rustling stopped. The creature behind the bush was rather large, large enough to be a human hiding. After the two were within killing range, Buddy shouted out.

“Come out with your hands up!”

Slowly, a tinted blue and red figure with golden yellow horns peaked out. Her eyes had a very soft tint of blue, making it hard to even see if she had a pupil. She blinked once or twice, her elf like ears twitching to his shouting. Buddy was in awe as he never saw anything like her before. Friedrich held his weapon as strong as he could with only one arm to operate. The female creature made a gentle clicking and cooing noise directed towards Friedrich.

“I think she is talking to us.” Buddy whispered to Friedrich as he slowly lowered his weapon.

Friedrich nodded in response and put his weapon away. Buddy then crouched down to her and tried to pet her. The female creature put her ears back and whined, moving backwards. Friedrich pulled him back.

“You’re scaring her.” Friedrich said firmly, finally talking as he glared at Buddy before sitting where he once crouched, gently putting his hand out for her to smell.

The female creature slowly crawled out of the bushes in response to his hand being offered. She slowly sniffed the palm of his hand. The female creature then gently nudged his hand away and crawled closer. Her lower half body revealed that she had a tail and seemed to crawl on all fours. She then lightly touched her golden horns to his injured arm. Her horns glowed brightly as she cooed softly. Friedrich then softly spoke to her.

“May I know your name?”

She cooed softly in response before she slowly moved her horns away from his arm. Friedrich was quickly in awe as he no longer felt the stinging pain of his injury. He slowly moved his arm, looking at the female creature.

“Thank you…”

She smiled softly and cooed to him. She then sat down with her hands in front of her. Friedrich took a moment to move his arm before looking at her and slowly spoke again.

“May I know your name?... I must ask again.”

The female creature then took her blue and soft red tinted colored tail, beginning to draw an image of the moon with the end of her tail. Friedrich watched closely once she drew the picture. Buddy felt left out as he was pushed to the side, quickly chiming in.

He then began to laugh hysterically, “Your name is Moon!? What a ridiculous name!”

Luna seemed to almost growl at Buddy’s actions. Friedrich rolled his eyes, still studying the image.

Friedrich tried calmly. “Luna?”

She nodded, pleased he guessed it so easily.

Buddy then spoke. “Luna, huh? At least the name goes with the horns. Lieutenant, I think we should inform General Diaspora of our findings.”

Friedrich nodded slowly as he gently reached to touch Luna, testing her trust. Luna slowly eased toward his hand. Buddy pulled out his radio and began his report. The radio made a beeping noise, which frightened Luna. She jumped and made a whine, pulling away from the hand. Friedrich glared at Buddy, his eyes speaking a thousand words.


“You said she still won’t let you touch her?” General Diaspora said as she appeared over a large screen in a command center.

“Yes ma'am.” Friedrich stood straight with both of his arms behind his back. “Ms. Luna also prefers to stay in one spot rather than walking anywhere.”

This mention was why it took them a few hours to return to base. The General made a note as she looked down.

“Buddy, does she have any reaction to you?”

“Only being frightened ma’am.”

Friedrich looked away for a brief second to search for Luna. She was found perched in a chair nearby, making soft cooing noises. He then focused his attention back to the General after assuming Luna was fine.

“Friedrich, I’d like you to work more with Luna and gain her trust. I will be arriving within three days. I trust you, cousin.”

The transmission ended and Buddy laughed a bit. Friedrich rolled his eyes at the laughter walking over to Luna. Buddy walked behind him.

“The General is your cousin. The way she speaks... Just makes it humorous.” Buddy explained in a giggly way although he was talking to himself.

Luna looked up at Friedrich as they drew closer. Friedrich sighed at Buddy’s remark. Buddy left the two of them before Friedrich offered his hand once more. Luna cooed to him before jumping off the chair as if not wanting to be touched.


Friedrich handed Luna a bowl of watermelon. He was happy to help her as much as he could since she healed his injury. Luna munched happily on a piece of watermelon. Friedrich had discovered that she ate with her hands holding the food and how much she liked fruit. Luna made a soft coo to him in thanks once she was finished. Friedrich smiled and nodded to her in return.

“How about I show you your sleeping quarters? They should be ready by now.” Friedrich said in a gentle voice.

Luna blinked curiously but slowly nodded yes in response to his question. He stood and offered her a hand. She simply looked at the hand before standing on her own. Friedrich sighed and began to lead her down several hallways. Luna followed willingly, curiously looking around these hallways.

Friedrich lead Luna all the way to the end of the hallway and opened a door to reveal a grey metallic room. It looked rather depressing other than the queen size bed that held a pink and purple sheet along with a magnificent white pillow.

“Sorry for how the room looks, this is the best we could do on such short notice…”

Luna simply cooed to him in a reassuring way as she slowly walked in. Her ears twitched at the delight of the room while seeming excited as she went to the bed and hopped on, cooing out in delight. Friedrich smiled as he noticed how happy she was.

“I’ll leave you to get settled Ms. Luna.” Friedrich said in a gentle tone as to not scare her while in such a happy mood.

Luna cooed a goodbye to him as he closed the door, hopping off the bed to walk around and explore the room she was given. She stopped at a mirror before she looked over herself, noticing her tail and remembering how the other humans looked. Luna closed her eyes before her tail and horns faded away, her elf like ears remaining though. Then she opened her eyes and smiled happily before beginning to look around once more.

Upon finding a drawer, she peeked inside and found a change of clothes neatly folded up inside. She was currently wearing a white and pink colored evening dress. Luna soon changed into a black pair of pants along with a camouflage colored shirt. Luna sniffed at the clothing she had put on. Looking at herself in the nearby mirror, she noticed none of these colors matched her skin, but happy to wear something different for a change.


Friedrich stood nearby before taking out an advanced communicator device to contact his cousin, General Diaspora.

He heard the General’s rough voice seconds after the device was turned on. ”Ah, I’m assuming you are calling to report, dear cousin?”

Friedrich made a soft sigh to himself before speaking into the device. “In fact, the opposite.”


“I must request for you not to come.”

”Cousin, I will arrive in three days, that is not changing.”

Friedrich felt heavy disappointment because he knew General Diaspora and what she would do to learn everything about Luna even if she could not speak. He had to prevent the General from harming the innocent Luna he had found.

“Very well, General Diaspora … I shall see you then.”

The transmission ended.

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