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by Aman Sirohey

To me, autumn is the season of warmth. I don’t mean warmth by the sun, or by hot weather. No, I mean the warmth you feel in yourself when you look at the auburn colors of the leaves, and when your nose is filled with the crisp smell of the cool, almost chilly, air. It’s hard to explain this feeling in words, but it’s like drinking hot chocolate. You feel all warm and fuzzy inside, and you feel comforted. When I step outside in the leaves, the crunching, brittle sound reminds me of a crisp, newly harvested apple, being bitten into. Sometimes the air smells smoky, like wood being burned. It burns up, and soon the air is full of dark, black wisps of gray, and if I look over, I find that either someone is burning leaves, or lighting up a wood fireplace while soot comes up top and puts a cloud of haze.

The food in autumn is either new drinks by local coffee shops, named something like “Pumpkin spice latte.” The desserts have titles such as; “Apple cider cupcake”, and “Pumpkin pound cake”. These foods always sound, and taste, really good. The flavors taste a bit tangy and spicy from the cinnamon, sour and sweet from the apple, with a cake-mix after taste. Nevertheless, it’s still good.

The clothing that most people wear in autumn is sweaters, cardigans, light-jean jackets, jeans and sweatpants. Mostly, the clothing is colored beige, auburn, coral red, and sandy-red pink. The fashion gets interesting and, apart from winter clothing, it’s my favorite.

I love seeing the birds flying south for winter, that’s how I know it’s getting much more frigid as the temperatures drop lower. Everything starts to get a frost by November, and trees are barren. Some birds, like the geese that live near where I live, don’t migrate that often. They usually find a dry place to stay and try to keep warm. Other birds, like cardinals and canaries, stay behind as well. It’s always so nice to see some sort of color when everything is dry and lonely!

Autumn is a season of happiness, color, and warmth. It’s a quiet season, accompanied with children playing and laughing on Halloween, birds chirping before migrating, and rustling leaves in the wind. It has its own type of unique place in my heart, and autumn will always have its charm. A lot of events happen this season, like back to school, Labor Day, Halloween, and Thanksgiving. Autumn is the season of warmth for me.

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