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Animal Abuse

By Kaela Wong

Animal abuse is wrong, just as wrong as abuse to people and substances. Why should the repercussions be any less, because abuse is done to an animal instead of a person? Similar to any other form of abuse, animal abuse is a major dilemma. However, animal rights are contradicted, and some people even plot to murder animal rights activists. Although a federal crime, people still commit animal abuse. Animal abuse is a major problem, and the repercussions are not enough.

Recently, I was reading the news, and I found a Florida man in the news for throwing a dog against an elevator wall and repeatedly beating it for 6 minutes. Being an animal lover, I decided that I was going to write an argument essay (as an advocate) for animal rights. If you search the phrase ‘animal abuse,’ you would find horrific animal abuse cases and sites with statistics. One of the most upsetting parts of animal abuse, is the fact people abuse innocent animals. Animal abuse is happening not daily but hourly, meaning the fight for animal justice is far from over. Being informed is one of the first steps to fighting a legal battle: here are some statistics. Typically, when someone deliberately abuses an animal, it is usually the start of other crimes such as domestic violence and child abuse. The most commonly abused animals are canines, felines, horses, and livestock. According to studies, 71 to 83 percent of domestic violence cases announced the abuser also targeted animals as well. As upsetting as these facts are, they are the truth, they need to be recognized and heard, not shunned away and pushed into the back of our minds. Animals need justice exactly like people. Animals need someone to talk for them, they need someone to read the signs and step up and put those people away behind bars.

A few months ago, animal abuse was made a felony, therefore, the consequences are now more severe, but how severe is ‘severe’? Every place is different, every place has different laws. For instance, in most places’ casinos (both commercially and tribal) are only allowed in 30 states in the US. Therefore, I decided to investigate the consequences on a broad scale, what is yet to come, and even my opinion on such repercussions. For instance, the RSPCA’s (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) worst punishment for animal cruelty (jail term) is a maximum of 5 years. Some possible repercussions for animal abuse are (not only 5 years in jail) but 5 years in prison, and never being able to own a pet ever again. Usually, I do not tend to believe in the ‘eye for an eye’ saying, but I do believe in this for cases such as this. I want all the dead, injured, paralyzed, traumatized, and starving animals to have justice for what is being done to them. I believe that if someone does any of these things causing permanent damage to an animal, or even murder an animal, they should do a 5 years (if not more) sentence in prison. As for the multiple case scenarios, I believe, people should have to spend each animal's life span in prison or receive rehabilitation. I am a fairly patient person, but I will not tolerate animal abuse, just like children, animals are oblivious to what they did to deserve such treatment.

As I stated previously, there are some people who (upsettingly) support animal abuse, by not necessarily abusing animals but by their actions. There are two main people who I found that openly (or by their actions) approve of animal abuse. The first person I found is a man that goes by the name of “Joe Exotic” because of the sanctuary that he used to own for exotic animals. Joe was found guilty of plotting a murder for an animal rights activist based in Tampa, falsifying wildlife records multiple times, and many other misdemeanors. Thankfully, he is now behind bars for the next 22 years. The second person I found is an Iowa senator, Ken Rozenboom who is accused of animal abuse for passing the ‘ag - gag’ law. If you don’t know what the ag - gag law is, it is the law that prohibits all persons acting on behalf of the police department or otherwise from exploiting images and videos of farms and places where livestock is bred. The main reason for this, is because in order to catch meatpacking plants and livestock facilities in the act of abusing animals, most people must go undercover to ‘catch them red - handed’. Ken Rozenboom owns a few meatpacking plants in Iowa; therefore, most people believe he abuses animals. Which is why he passed the ag-gag law, so he is not put behind bars.

Just like any other violent crime, most of the time, the offender needs psychiatric help. This is the same case for animal abuse. Ignorance is also another reason for animal abuse. A few forms of (intentional and unintentional) animal abuse is hoarding (having more animals than adequately able to care of), neglect, chaining, (sickeningly) for fun, (usually) butchering, entertainment, and the list could continue. However, the list is too long, which (if you are an animal lover like me) is extremely distressing. The repercussions for child abuse are removal of the child, termination of the parent’s custody of the child, imprisonment, fines, and many other consequences. The repercussions for domestic violence are being a felon (loss of voting rights, etc.), restraining orders, no- contact orders made by the court, jail time, and many other punishments depending on the severity of the case. Why should animal abuse consequences be any less than a person’s than people abuse? Animals generally live less time than people, but animals should live an amazing ten plus years of life.

Disclaimer: If you are easily distraught, do not read the following paragraph.

There are tens of thousands of animal abuse cases, however I chose five of what I immediately found or what I thought were the worst cases. The first was (as I stated previously) about a man in Florida (Karim Ellaisy) throwing a six-month-old husky (Ajax) against an elevator wall and began to beat Ajax simply because he “made an accident” on the elevator floor. I firmly disagree with what his lawyer states about Ajax, “‘The animal is healthy, he’s safe, there’s been no issues since and there won’t be any issues later,’” Cooper said. Just because there are no physical problems, does not mean there are no issues. For instance, Ajax could have been killed, if Karim had thrown or hit Ajax any harder. Despite what the lawyer states, Ajax could also suffer from mental problems such as trauma or a brain hemorrhage later in life. Therefore, there is no reason for Karim to be vindicated from his first offense. The second case is about a Balmertown man (Joey Wilkins) who is charged with killing rabbits and chickens, breaking and entering, and causing mischief to property. There are no other available facts yet, except his trial is on March 18. The third is a dog breeder (Margaret Boisture) arrested for having 40 dogs living in excrement, outside, and general neglect such as veterinary care. The fourth, is an extreme hoarding case of over 300 animals by a man (Mikabel Montero) who claimed he kept the animals for emotional support for his anxiety. Most of the animals, which are rats, bred faster than he intended and what he could control. Despite his girlfriend’s and his efforts of keeping the apartment from smelling, the ammonia levels were dangerously high to the point where most of the people that evacuated the animals wore masks to protect themselves from the smell. The final case I found, was a multiple abuse case, of 20 dogs found with evidence of dogfight training and dogs being used for dogfighting. The offender is 41 -year- old Nasir Azmat, it took officials five days (after discovering the conditions) to seize all 20 dogs, and a week to get Nasir Azmat in handcuffs.

Animals need a voice, your voice, your neighbor’s voice, save the animals that are being abused and killed because of people such as Karim, Nasir, Margaret, and Montero. Adopt animals, participate in voting, report animal abuse, and volunteer at the local animal shelter. Doing just one of these can help stop innocent animals from dying, being paralyzed, and injured by people who are ignorant or violent because they need psychiatric help. Save the animals from ignorance and spread knowledge. Save the animals from abuse, and report animal abuse.

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Disclaimer: Some of the following sources can be upsetting and disturbing to some viewers.

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