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By, Anthony Kelly

376 B.C. was a year that changed World History. During that year, Phillip II, the King of Macedonia, was murdered by one of his own officers and his son became King of Macedonia. His son was Alexander the Great (or Alexander III), who is known to be one of history’s greatest military minds. Alexander the Great conquered the Persian empire and annexed it to Macedonia. (E. Badian Scholastic GO!) Alexander the Great has changed history in so many ways and is known to be one of the wisest Kings and conquerors of all time.

Alexander the Great was born in Pella, Macedonia, in 356 B.C. to King Phillip II and Queen Olympias. Legend had it that his father was none other than Zeus, the ruler of the Greek Gods. ( Editors) It is said that when Alexander was a child, he would burst into tears because he was worried Phillip wouldn’t leave any lands for him to conquer. Alexander had his heart set on conquering as much of the world as he could, expanded the power of Macedonia, and established the largest empire the world had known at that time. Alexander the Great’s conquests spread Greek culture throughout the Mediterranean world and as far east as the Indus River. (Klee, Cribb, Holdren 326)

Alexander’s determination is represented in the story of the Gordian Knot. It is said that early in his career, Alexander came to a town in Asia Minor named Gordium where he saw something very odd—a huge, complicated knot in a rope. One ancient prophecy claimed that whoever managed to undo the knot would rule all of Asia. Alexander examined the knot, then raised his sword and sliced through the knot. “Thus, I cut all Gordian knots,” Alexander stated. (Klee, Cribb, Holdren 338)

Alexander’s ego appeared to grow larger with each of his conquests. Wherever he went, he founded cities and it is said that he named more than 70 of those cities after himself. He wore long, flowing Persian robes and he married a Persian princess and arranged 80 of his officers to have a big wedding ceremony. Finally, after years of fighting, Alexander’s weary men refused to go on and fight for him because they believed he thought of himself as a God. After that, Alexander went back home and unfortunately didn’t make it back. Alexander the Great contracted a fever and died in Babylon at 32 years of age. He had been king for 13 years. (Klee, Cribb, Holdren 338)

Alexander the Great has changed history in so many ways and is known to be one of the wisest kings and conquerors of all time. He also became the king of Persia, Babylon and Asia and he created Macedonian colonies in the region.


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